Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Modern and Futuristic Firearms in Midrea

One of the aspects I wanted to borrow from the old Greyhawk and Judges Guild settings was the occasional bit of wahoo.

Stuff like Murylnd the Gunslinger and Expedition to the Barrier Peaks, that whole "its a game,lets have fun" aspect rather than the This is a Secondary World style we saw later in things like the Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance

The usual approach, Gate spells, was fine but given Midrea does have regular traffic with other I needed something better.

Eventually I decided that not only do firearms and ammunition and energy weapons and the like a exist on Midrea but can be bought for a hefty price.

How this works is simple.

Every so often such weapons filter in to Midrea from the various gates. While its beyond the local technology to make them and of course the local physical laws make more ammo impossible, they can be magically repaired with a "Mending" spell and duplicated with a spell called Spandrel's Duplicator.

Any of the ones bought are duplicates of the limited number that exist on the world. Now these duplicates are permanent and function normally but as few of the weapons would qualify as Masterwork (there are only 3 known weapons) magic firearms or energy weapons are few and far between.

Magic ammunition is far more common as many high end commercial rounds qualify.

Thus is a player wants to play a gunman, he or she can without overbalancing the world.

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