Saturday, March 12, 2011

Women and Classes in Midrea

In the Midrea game a female character (almost always played by a female player for various reasons) can be of any class or race they wish and set their stats any way they like

There are four basic reasons for this policy

#1 Its more fun

#2 Not doing so would cheese off female players

#3 PC's are always outliers anyway and there have been many historical outliers who took on "mens work"

#4 Hey its a magic world and said woman may have supernatural abilities

However as Midrea is designed with the idea "What if this were a real world with magic' and as it a with a lower technology (at the high end ,early enlightenment with retarded weapons do to the lack of gunpowder most places) combat and life in general places places a premium on muscular power. This leaves mundane non magical women at a disadvantage in heavy combat and as such has a profound impact on what classes are selected.

Women Cavaliers are rare enough that its entirely possible a PC will know almost all of the others as only one chapter accepts women entrants. However all orders are available and though done grudgingly, female Cavaliers are equated the same respect as male cavaliers by the authorities.

Adepts Aristocrats , Commoners and Experts have equal numbers of men and women

Barbarians, Fighters, Warriors and Rangers are fairly rare. Not unknown, just rare. Female Mystic Rangers however are fairly common as such Rangers go.

Bards are equally likely to be a man or a woman

Clerics and Cloistered Clerics will depend on the faith with more "Cloistered Clerics" among women. Some faiths and deities are all women, some all men, some mixed . Its about even

Inquisitors are usually male but there are exceptions, Oracles are more typically women. Paladins are never common and while men outnumber women by a margin, its not a great one.

Druids are about 50-50

Monks tend to be Male but there are plenty of women and there are "Nunneries" as well . Female "Monks" tend to favor wisdom as as stat rather than strength or dexterity

Female Rogues are as plentiful as men since the Rogues principal combat trick "sneak attack" is about hitting people where its hurts and the "fairer sex" is at no disadvantage. As a general thing, most non magic female adventurers will be Rogues.

Summoners are slightly more often male but the number of gate linked women is growing.

Alchemists are usual male as the number of women interested in puttering about with dangerous substances, heaving bombs and transmuting into a monster form is fairly small.

Sorcerers favor women somewhat and the usual "magic adventurer" among women will be a Sorceress and or Battle Sorceress

Wicca and Witches are majority female

Warlocks usually men (and not related to either Witches or Wicca)

Noble tends to favor men for social reasons but in areas where women have higher social status, female adventuring Nobles are common . As a general thing though, High Born NPC women are usually aristocrats ..

Archivists and Wizards are usually male since these people are the science and school geeks of the game world but given the lack of talent, none of the Wizard schools will turn down a women who can meet standards.

A Magus or a Hexblade or any of the other "fighter/mage" hybrids tend to favor men over women.

Lastly the the remaining 3x classes when I use them classes (Marshal, Warlord, Shaman, Dragon Shaman etc) tend to be male with the exceptions of the Assassin which may be either in equal numbers and the Healer which is usually female.

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