Sunday, March 6, 2011

I like the Term Judge

Sure most people use Dungeon Master for D&D games or Game Master for others but I like the term Judge just like the guys at the eponymous Judges Guild use.

It seems to me that Judge implies a more neutral less adversarial relationship than "Master" and gives people especially non gamers a good idea what exactly I do.

I judge the actions taken in game and the worlds response to them.

Nice and simple.


  1. I was just thinking this the other day whilst reading an old Judges Guild Journal. Referee works pretty well for me too... Not Guilty!

  2. Interesting thought. Judge sounds too powerful though for me, intimidating almost.

  3. Referee isn't bad ze, but its a little sporty.

    And Greg, and yeah I hadn't thought about that Judge is a bit intimidating . Thats not all bad though I gotta keep those players in line somehow ;)