Monday, March 21, 2011

The Last of the Hate Posts: Thieves

I love the concept but for the most part I dislike the implementation as the "skill" system is a poor fit with the rest of the rules.

I tend to agree with Mearles and Philotomy here though I'll still use them but under a bit of protest.


  1. I like thieves. When I first started blogging, I thought I might be the last of the tribe in that regard.

    I do like Philotomy's take on the thief, and have considered using it. (I haven't had the chance yet, though)

    I like to approach it that anyone can try to climb, be sneaky, etc, but the thief excels at it, just like the thief can engage in combat, but the fighter will always be better at it.

  2. I think my "thief" issue comes from the poor integration of the rules more than anything.

    If I felt a bit clearer on climbing, jumping, balancing and sneaking and such for all classes I'd be fine with the thief being better at it.

    Raggi's Lament of the Flame Princess does this with its d6 based system but I am not 100% sure about his numbers

  3. I don't own LotFP, so I haven't seen his numbers. If anything, I think that low level thieves need just a bit of a shot in the arm... I know 1st level characters are supposed to be pretty humble, but having 10-15% in most of your abilities is a tad harsh IMO. (Of course, if you're going the Philotomy route, you really don't need to worry about it)I am interested in the idea of thieves with "X in 6" abilities, though.

    So, what say you about all the various "extra" classes like rangers, barbarians, monks, etc?

  4. I agree with the shot in the arm. As for the "other classes" you know I think I'll do a post on them

    As a note LotFP is free for downloading. Its worth a look I think ...