Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What common GM tasks do you suck at ?


I have no skill at mapping to speak of and actually have some degree of antipathy to mapping my game world. Were I flush with cash, I'd hire someone to do all the maps.

Of course this creates problems with large dungeons but happily there are lots of maps out there to use so my players will never know....

How about you?


  1. I don't think I have any big holes in my DMing skills (soft spots sure, no holes).

    You can get around the mapping issue with flowchart style maps, it should seldom really matter that room 11 is 20'x30' and fits picture perfect with room 12. What does matter is room 11 has a door that leads to room 12.

    My worst DMing issue is gamer-ADD. I've got it big, most of my players could (and have) played in the same campaigns for years on end doing the same darned things. So for me DMing is a constant battle agaisnt gamer ADD and boredom that flows from not being able to follow my schemes and whims most the time.

  2. I think all gamers have some degree of ADD when it comes to games.

    I can deal with mine well enough but when it pops up I just write another "Campaign Ideas" post ;)