Saturday, March 5, 2011

This is officially the worst thing I have ever eaten

This isnlt a food blog but I really want to vent (and I am out of ideas ;) )

Nordic Sweets Salty Licorice Fish.

They tasted vile, took 30 minutes to get the taste out of my mouth and they upset my stomach to boot.

Two of them were too many of them ....

Whats your worst thing ?


  1. Tough one, although anise is among my least favorite flavors. :)

    At first, rotten, fermented tofu was something I thought vile, but it has grown on me - the quality varies quite a bit, as one might imagine, but I've had it where it approached $20/lb. blue cheeses.

    I've tried adobo with cuttlefish more than once and it's nasty.

    I'd love to get my hands on a durian fruit! Never had one and would love to try it. They are said to be most foul and stinky.

  2. I love blue cheese.

    Durians are an acquired taste though. They smell awful and while they taste delicious its a fairly subtle flavor.

    If they have an Asian market where you live, you should be able to get one of the spiky devils. well worth the effort I think.

  3. Shirako, which is a Japanese delicacy. Why it's a delicacy I don't know. It's fish gonads.

  4. I don't know the true name of it but it's the only food that ever made me want to hurl. Thai Stuffed cabbage, it smelled good but it didn't want to stay put in my mouth or stomach.
    It must be some spice because a lot of Thai food smells good to me but I simply can't eat it.

    The wife is still a little afraid of curry after her 1st husband used about a half bottle of green curry to make a dish.

  5. Every culture seems to have one or more delicacies that are inedible to non members. Haggis, a Balut, all sorts of very nasty things.

    Heck the Eastern European cabbage and sausage recipes I like may a lot of people queasy. Apparently my comfort food smells like gym socks to some people.