Friday, November 19, 2010

24th Letter Men #2 Quickhatch

Quickhatch is of course a short, hairy, nasty tempered clawed berserker who gets far too much air time in my opinion. He uses the "Prestige Races" rules that are seen in Dragon #304, Oathbound and Bastion' Faeries to represent some of his more famous abilities

Name- Lojan

Class Barbarian 17 /Rogue 17

Signature Gear: Quickhatch has been modified by magic which gives him scent, +5 Natural Armor, Cure Disease and Neutralize Poison (self only) at will , regeneration as per ring, unaging and and 75% damage reduction. His claws are treated as unarmed attacks and are Keen, +5 Admant

Origin: Born Hundreds of years ago, Lojan has battled, slain, loved and roamed hundreds of battle fields. Now he has his family in the form of the 24th letter team.

Note: Lojan should be treated as a Longclaw Shifter with the racial feats and 2 weapon style trees.

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