Friday, November 26, 2010

Dropped the E6/E8 Question

Asked on my Pre-Thanksgiving "Hows everything call" in fact. Player #1 who if things go well will also be one of my artists (personal stuff got in the way alas) seemed to be somewhat intrigued. This is a good sign.

I think using E6 or E8 might enable me to run a better game and that means more fun for all.


  1. Hope it works out. I've never had a d20 system game work at levels over that except for d20 Conan. Everything else seemed to break down.

  2. Thank you. FWIW I kind of suck at high level 3x D&D , not design where I am actually decent but in play where I am kinda weak

    I think E6/E8 will take some of the pressure off me and direct the players in ways they like too.

  3. I hadn't heard of E8, though I briefly found the idea of E6 to be intriguing. (And I'm a huge d20 burnout, so that's saying something.)

  4. E8 is just E20 with two extra levels. A few people have run campaigns and its plays pretty well.

    I was thinking E8 as , the players might like it and I kind of wanted some of the L4 spells and BAB 8+ Feats in my game .It also had nice synergy with the UA incantation rules.

    Basically l1-4 as per the rules, 1 L5 spell slot with a feat and all the L6-9 spells only with incantations.

    L8 guys seem a little like Aragorn or even Elric which I like as well....