Thursday, November 18, 2010

The League of Justice in 3x #8 Speedster

I had a hard time actually making this guy as few RPG's support speedsters very well. However using an idea I learned when I long ago playing Champions that a power can be visualized with many different FX and the same game rules function and a dab of one of my favorite WOTC Prestige Classes, The Swiftblade I was able to capture his flavor pretty well I think.

#8 Speedster

Class: Scout 19/ Sorcerer9 Swiftblade 10

Name: Garrick Bar

Signature Gear: Magic Helmet, Magic Sword, Magic Throwing Axes, Magic Daggers Xeph Amulet (allows Xeph speed bonus 3x day) Ultra Light Armor

Origin: Garrick's Magic called him in strange paths, bending his fate to heroic speed.

Notes: Garrick has pretty much every feat for speed boosting and maneuvering in the books and can move his full movement and attack 3 times doing serious damage. While he does not have th raw combat skill of some of his peers he makes up for it with a variety of bonuses. In addition because of his speed he can appear anywhere (Greater Teleport) as needed.

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