Saturday, November 20, 2010

24th Letter Men #3 Ghost Cat

This girl was a little tricky and I vacillated between the WOTC Ninja class and the more exact Rogue with a special ability. I decided on rogue as the class as I felt it was more customizable.

Name Katara Prowd

Class Rogue 7

Signature Gear: +3 Ghost Touch Studded +3 Ghost Touch Hornblade (may become short sword or dagger as free action)

Origin: Found by Teacher, Katara's wealthy merchant parents sent her to what they thought was a finishing school but turned out to be a place where she can hone her innate gift. She is easilt the youngest member of the team, more than 3 years from adulthood

Note: Katara has a "Wraith" prestige race and cast Wraithform among several other spells as a supernatural ability

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