Thursday, November 18, 2010

The League of Justice in 3x #9 Manhunter

This guy was really hard to get right. I originally had decided to be a little wahoo here and make him a mind flayer but this didn't work very well. I hope this gets his weird flavor acceptably well. Also I tweaked the Green Star Adept to allow it to work with psionics. I think I'd allow this is a normal game without many qualms.

#9 Manhunter

Name: Jzan Jzor

Class: Ranger 16/ Green Star Adept 10-Psion 6

Signature Gear: Ring of Human Kind (Alter Self to human form at will) Lightweight Combat Armor, Death Ray, Energy Sword, Psi Amp

Origin: Jzan was brought to The World by the trickster , Myx as part of an extra spacial invasion. However using the last charge on a belt of alignment change, The Speedster he was able to shift Jzan to Lawful Good and in so tricking the Trickster banish him. . Now filled with remorse for his previous evil deeds and an exile, Jzan aids the League in its fight against evil.

Note: Jzan should be treated as a Half Orc