Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The League of Justice in 3x #6 She Hawk

This character is a bit of a cypher to me as I have only seen her on the animated JLA cartoon which I seldom watch and in a couple of real old comics

#6 She Hawk

Class: Hawk Folk Racial 3 -Hawlfolk Paragon-5 Barbarian 10/Fighter18

Name: Shara of the Hawk Folk

Signature Gear: Ultra Light Breastplate, Belt of Power, Rod of Lordly Might with Greater Dispel at will, Magic Helmet

Origin: A traveler from the lands of the Hawk People, Shara is plagued by prophecy and knowledge of her past lives . IN service of this prophecy she has stayed among her friends in the lands of the wingless.

Special has a reborn soul and as such may draw upon that knowledge. Treat this as bardic lore giving her a lore check of 18

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