Wednesday, November 24, 2010

24th Letter Men #9 Night Elf

One trick pony type characters are pretty difficult to do but I am happy enough with this write up for a blue furred, tailed, critter.

Name- Kurn the Waggoner

Class- Acrobat 9 Swashbuckler 4 / Sorcerer 13 (Destined Bloodline)

Signature Gear: Holy Symbol of turning undead (as Cleric of his own level 3x day, also grants +3 natural armor) +3 Combat Armor as studded leather, Magic Rapier

Origin: Kurn comes from a far off country and when his change came over him he was kicked out of his home and taken in by a circus. Eventually teacher found him and made him part of the extended family.

Notes: Kern is a half fiend though do to his piety does not radiate evil of any kind and is immune to anti fiend measures. Most all of his powers are teleport and movement based with a few divinations and subtle protections and buss he sees as prayers

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