Monday, November 1, 2010

Campaign Ideas November Edition #1

Survival of the Fittest

After a cosmic event only the top 1/10 the human race survives. This is a post-apocalypse campaign of rebuilding and discovery not shooting and fast cars .


Gestalt D&D with the PC's are people in the modern world who suddenly are transformed into high level D&D characters. What will you do with 15 levels and tons of magic?


  1. Define Top 10%-Richest, Smartest, Best Looking, Most Fertile?

    As for modern people turned into D&D characters. Most likely people make fun of them. they fry someone, and end up being the big bad monsters as the rest of the world tries to hunt these FREAKS down. they end up in hiding with Bin Laden in a retirement village in Florida.

  2. You ought to get a no prize for being the 1st comment on one of my campaign ideas. ;)

    As for 10% I just assumed "best" as in best DNA and functionality. Given that as much as 1/5 of the "best" could be dead or incapacitated its probably closer to 12% but hey. I thought it might be interesting to have no mutant, post apoc where everyone was as as capable as the PC's just to be different

    To the D&D one, probably yeah. However if the were very smart they might be able to take over a small country or worse. I think it would be fun to find out.