Saturday, November 20, 2010

24th Letter Men: #4 Steel Golem

This is of course a big metal Rusky. He was might tricky to get right as his various abilities are not very fantasy in application. Eventually I made him a Warforged with an innate "human form" spell. As with Manhunter I abused the Adept of the Green Star class, treating it as a gestalt core racial class to make up some of his abilities. Also note the spikes ability of his Warforged Juggernaut prestige class is removed in favor of an Improved Natural Weapon feat.

Name: Pavtar Ruka

Class: Fighter 10 /Warfored Juggernaut 5/ and Expert 5 Steel Self Racial 10

Signature Gear: Big Hammer, Innate Mithril Armor +5

Origin: Born in a far off land to peasant parents, Pavtar was recruited by teacher and has proven to be a powerful and loyal team member.

Notes: Pvatar should be treated as a Warforged . He has the innate ability to cast Alter Self (Human Form) as a EX ability as well.

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