Sunday, November 21, 2010

24th Letter Men #6 Brute

Brute was a bit tricky as D&D is designed to support archetypes rather than versatility. However using the Acrobat from Legends and Lairs, Cityworks and Meta Classes from the 3.5 (on the OGL wiki) I can get a pretty good version.

Name: Han Maca

Class: Acrobat 13, Expert 2 , Con, Dex and Str Master 5

Signature Gear: Bracers Defense, Amulet of Mighty Fists and Alchemical Devices

Origin: Han was a scholar at the Great College when his change overcame him, giving him the body of a man ape. While the college did not expel him, his self loathing lead him seek help and thus he met Teacher. Now he works with the 24th letter crew to help humans and the changed to coexist and to fight evil.

Note: Han has a 16 INT the Educated feat and a talent for Alchemy.

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