Monday, November 15, 2010

The League of Justice in 3x #1 Paragon

Yes those guys, or the 3x variations of them. I got this idea while I was studying the math behind 3x and realized that epic level 3x characters are pretty close to supers.

I won't be including the full write up (its time consuming and there are legal issues ) but just enough to wet your whistle and show you what this system can do.

All "powered" types are made as gestalt characters. Its assumed that the world they inhabit is somewhat lower magic than a typical 3x world and as such they gain the following bonuses to a maximum of 20th level

+1/2 lvl AC
+1/4 lvl Saves
+1/4 lvl to any Stats

#1 Paragon

name : Le-Kal of the Lost People
class -- Paladin 20/ Warmage 20
signature gear-- belt of strength, cloak of flying, invulnerable coat , holy avenger, shield of the sun

Le Kal is the last of his people and a paragon of good and law . Found in the carter of a great spell he was raised by freeman farmers and in his secret life known as Carlous of Kenvi,


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