Sunday, November 21, 2010

24th Letter Men #5 Red Eye

Red Eye is one of teachers 1st recruits, the team leader and all around glass cannon. His design was not difficult though I gave him "Feat Rogue" substituting general feats for sneak attacks as a gestalt class to cover for his myriad of skills and tricks.

Name: Sum Scotta

Class: Feat Rogue 11/ Warlock 11

Signature Gear: Ruby Goggles (function as Warlock Rod with unlimited charges, may do subdual damage at no penalty with eldritch blast) Combat Armor (as Mithril breastplate +3) Hand Weapon.

Origin: Father was a space pirate among other things. Teacher took him from an orphanage and gave him, home family and purpose

Note: Eldritch blast is shot from eyes in the form a powerful red beam

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