Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Little Philosphy of Our Design

What I am aiming for in my products is something simple. I want you be able to download it, print it if you want too and use it in your game. Nothing more, nothing less

A lot of gaming products are cool and good reads but in terms of actually seeing play, well.. They end up joining a ton of games on the maybe someday list.

Other games are a feast for the eyes but if they are in PDf form you are scared to print them with ink costing more than gold (literally in most cases) .And if you like many gamers, you system is far from state of the art, they take forever to open th darned things

I don't want this. So I am aiming for mostly utilitarian, simple stuff that I hope folks will use and enjoy.

And yes this sometimes means less than state of the art graphical design and layout Thats OK with me. I hope its OK with you.


  1. To bad you never learn Chivalry and Sorcery. But then it's probably too low magic for any D&D'er.

  2. Thanks for the reply. I've actually read C&S 2e and owned C&S 3e (the one before the Rebirth) and some of the of the supplements. I think it was the Bestiary and Armorers Companion and possibly others.

    I even visited LOCS from time to time

    It was a most impressive game and one I might play under the right circumstances.I especially liked the magic items (like the dagger forged with night sky and diamonds)

    However not one person I gamed with expressed the faintest interest or knowledge of the game and back then there was no Wikipedia to send them too.

    So the game got binned and sold.