Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The League of Justice in 3x #4 The Lantern Knight

This guy was one of the hard ones, versatile and power he does not map well to 3x. However this version should feel roughly the same and with the spells listed be able to match much of what the original can do. Unlike the usual guidelines I did allow a hybrid prestige class, the Abjurant Champion as part of a gestalt build. This seems to match his capabilities pretty well.

#4 The Lantern Knight

Class: Fighter 19/Arcane Bloodline Sorcerer 9 -- Abjurant Champion 5 Argent Savant 5

Name Halis of Jorn

Signature Gear: Force Masters Ring (allows any metamagic use freely and doubles force spells, this is his bonded item) Force Sword, Celestial Guardian Armor (+5 Full Fortification, Fast Flight) Necklace of Adaptation, and an Enchanted Lantern

Notes: Halis has a feat that renders him fearless and need not make any fear checks for any reason.

Origin:Halis, a warrior of the Realm was granted his ring by an unknown emissary. This ring awakened the power in his blood and while at first he needed to charge the ring with the lantern to use his powers, this is no longer the case.

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