Wednesday, November 10, 2010

4e Confession

A couple of 4e related confessions. 4e is not my cup of tea , my gaming circle actively dislikes the game so I probably won't be playing unless I find a new group

However there are a a few things I'd quite like to play

#1 Fighter possibly Slayer. Big Sword, Big Weapon, Big Nova Attack

#2 Teleport Centered Fae Spellsword. I think it would be fun to be "Johnny on the Spot" and able to port all over the board. Focus my guy on movement and I can get in the critters face and back my team up .

#3 Telekinetic Psion. Some of the powers look really cool and the idea of sliding dudes all over the map sounds boss. I don't know how it would mix with a more "strikey" class but man a 4e Jedi would be a ton of fun. maybe INT based Warlord/Psion or something .
This would especially be fun as I really like playing TK dudes and my DM's almost never let me. I Guess they know me far too well... Heh Heh Heh ...

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