Monday, November 22, 2010

What is your Sweet Spot?

A simple question and an open post.

What is your sweet spot, that is, what level is D&D most fun for you ?

For me its under 10th or so depending on edition (a little higher is fine with OSR games)

How about you?


  1. I've always like the range between 4 and 7. The characters were sturdy, had some history and were still fearful of some of the nastier critters in the MM.

  2. Well I only got up to level seven with most of my characters due to several different reasons based on the setting, but between 5-7 seemed to be the most fun for myself.

  3. The 4-7 (ish) seems to be a common cut off point. I have seen quite a few threads on E8 for just that reason.

    And Christian, when I used to get your zines I always noticed the generally low level focus in the material. Back then I didn't figure it to be too useful but I think that will change with my next weither E6 or E8 game.

  4. 1st to 12th or so fits my sweet spot. The vulnerability of 1st level characters never much bothered me. Much over 12 and some classes are simply boring or insanely powerful by my standards.