Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thinking About: Conversions

I am not much for converting settings to different game systems. Its not only a lot of work, I already have more than I can or will be able to play anyway.

There are a couple of exceptions, I kind of like the various worlds using Ubiquity in particular Hollow Earth Expedition, Regime Diabolique and Desolation. I do not however much care for Ubiquity or its silly insistence on "Average people as PC's" in pulp genres. This easy to fix however, its 1-5 scaling goes easily into Unisystem which I prefer

Two other candidates for Conversion to Unisystem are Serenity and Supernatural . I like the Verse but I don't much like Cortex (its OK just not great). Happily this is super easy as Eden Studios Presents #1 has "Spacefarers and Prairie Folk" which means very little work for me. Supernatural also using Cortex is more of an idea raid than a conversion. Its right up Angel with a few mods and I have no doubt someone on the Eden boards has done Sam and Dean already

As for conversions to D&D, I don't use them. I have lots of material and most of my favorite settings are already done. The closest I come here is using labyrinth Lord to run my old 1e adventures. This requires of course minimal work ...

so let me ask you... What do you convert to what ?


  1. I have converted nearly every game I own to Unisystem at one point or another.

    Many I have here,

    I have even run "D&D" games using Ghosts of Albion and Dungeons and Zombies.

  2. Thanks for the reply!

    I've seen your conversion work on the blog and on the Eden Boards. Its almost always goes right in my enormous "Eden" stuff folder.

    As for GAO/D&Z I considered running Green Seas, my Fae Centric Pirate game with those and Argh There Be Zombies but thats more a "Fantasy Game" than a true conversion.