Friday, September 17, 2010

Artifacts #1 Deathlords Crown

Some of the artifacts of Midrea

Deathlord's Crown

More of a circlet of dark metal forged in a nightmare realm, these three circlets were designed to destroy the world during the Unhallowed War and nearly succeeded

When worn, the circlet cannot be removed except by the death of the owner or by the wearers choice . The wearer gains the powers of an evil cleric of equal level. Any spells they cast from any class can be by thought alone, requiring no verbal, somatic, material or focus components. The wearer is themselves turned into a sort of undead gaining all undead immunities (including aging) though not the true undead type. They cannot be turned. Lastly an unlimited number of undead can be controlled by the wearer of the circlet.

However, the circlet invariably leads the user to fanaticism and madness, changing them slowly into a death obsessed mirror of themselves.

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