Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Campaign Ideas Day Twelve

Fantasy Only today

Tombs and Troubles:
Plain old dungeon crawling, adventuring, wenching (or its female equivalent) hex crawling and woods running. This is classic style D&D with the players simply being Adventurers. There is a city, a few towns, villages, caves and dungeons. Simple archetypes and tons of fun.

Dungeon Maker.
This time you are the monsters, in this case Monsters who have learned to cooperate without an Evil Overlord for once. Can you get the dungeon built, fend of the Paladins and your rivals and kick butt? Who knows but you can try darn near anything to get there. This is based on Dungeon Keeper mixed with more standard D&D played only semi seriously

Midrea Unglued
I have run this before with great success. What was meant to be a single session turned into campaign. This is D&D played for laughs. Hanz and Franz, Talking Squirrels, Flumph Paladins and more goofiness played with the rules as written except when its funnier not too.

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