Monday, September 13, 2010

Cleaning Up the Cruft #1 Races

Races proved to be the easiest. I was already leery about many races, so I only had to drop a small number of them.

First to go were the "machine" races Ironborn and Warforged. They gave it too much of a "science fantasy" feel when the highest technology I wanted was "clockwork"

Shifters went as well. They are not a well designed race and are just too "Ebberon" for my taste. It also deals away with the temptation by player or DM to insert a Wolverine clone.

Also getting the axe were Changeling and Illuminian. Both were cool but neither fit well.

Since I decided to do away with the standard psionics system (more on that later) that ruled out Elan. Now I like these guys but like the machine races and the other psionic races (the ones I did not use) they felt out of place. So away they went.

I fussed with Halflings for a while but in the end decided they can stay

So the current list, now far more Fae focused is as follows...

Half Elf
Elf (Grey or White)
Tainted (aka Half Orc)
Dwarf (Hill, Mountain, City)
Elf (Grey or Light)
Spirit Folk (OA, Wood (bamboo) River, Sea)
Azhar (Jinn Blooded, GRR Freeport)
Lesser Assimar
Lesser Tiefling
Troll Blooded (as Half Ogre)
Half Fey

oh and one more, a newcomer that happily is essentially Human, the Ilian from The Psychics Handbook web enhancement...

Of course as before Natural Lycanthropes, Talking Animals and various Fae are still allowed on case by case basis.

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