Monday, September 13, 2010

Campaign Ideas Day Four

More Midrea Based Games

Destiny of Swords:
Someone has shattered the Jewel of the Stars. Each of the pieces will grant great power to anyone or anything THING that finds one. The characters are Jewel Hunters on the track of shards for good or ill. This is basically Inuyasha with a Midrea bent. D&D with Gestalt rules

Stand with the Joykiller and save your kingdom from all threats within and without. While you are at it find the King a wife, the Princess a suitable husband, manage the factions and keep the assassins at bay. Quite a task, even for a Kingsman.

Down Below:
There are few ways of the projects of Polis, money, connections or a military scholarship. Without those there is only the Rangers. The characters are the member of the Ranger corp (not necessarily the class) chartered to protect Polis from Down Below or sometimes itself. D&D with very very high magic

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