Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cleaning Up the Cruft #3 Feats -- part one

Feats are turning out to be the hardest part of clean up. There are so many, many of them very good and fun in play.Rather than bloat the game with a glorious excess, the trick is to keep to the ones that enhance the game.

The first thing though is get rid of all useless feats.The low hanging fruit here is of course stuff that has no place in the game.

All feats for magic systems that are no longer in use (Incarnum, Psionic,Tome of Battle , Shadow) can go. Thats actually a lot of feats no longer on the table and a good start to the whole thing.

The next fruit, a little higher up the tree are feats for options that are not in play.

Taint, Vile and Exalted -- gone.

After that, well whew.. That a lot of feats gone.

Tomorrow (or so) we start on the hard stuff...

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