Friday, September 10, 2010

Campaign Ideas Day One

All these games are Midrea based.

#1 Man Mech and Magic:
A Clockpunk Vision of Escaflowne mixed in with standard gamer fantasy environment. As it happens I ran one session of this with GURPS rules that didn't click and so next time I'll use 3X which should be a better fit.

#2 Cannon Dreams:
The Age of Pyrates Version of the above. What could be cooler, cavalry, cannons, sailing ships and fantasy mechs. Originally I wanted to run this with Savage Worlds "Rune Stryders" and "50 Fathoms" but Savage Rune Stryders was canceled its back to 3x

#3 Path of Blades:
The kingdoms war has been good for mercenaries like you . So come to Fourgate, spend some gold between jobs. help out your buddies,solve mysteries and raise some hell. Its a Merc's life.

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