Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Campaign Ideas Day Six

Back to Fantasy

The players are members of an elite Unit of trouble shooters in a fantasy world. Standard fantasy stuff with a bit of structure and a focus on missions

Lost Colony:
Muskets, Magic and Indians in an world somewhat like colonial America. The campaign starts twenty years after the Old World was destroyed by dragons. Now without trade or new immigrants the colonies are on their own. I had this idea before "Northern Crown" though I'd certainly mine it for ideas were I to run this ...

Ruin Raiders:
Two generations after the Empire was destroyed by the Far Realms the majority of the Folk (human, elf, cat people, xeph etc) still huddle behind the Cerulean Wall -- the great barrier thats keeps the Far Realms Abberations at bay. Certain Folk (aka the PC's) have the nerves of steel to brave the unspeakable horrors in search of Loot or just to help the refugees that linger

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