Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cleaning Up the Cruft #4 Feats -- part two

The next part of the cruft cleaning is of course choosing what sources of feats to allow. With more than a decade of 3X and Pathfinder to choose from, feat selection proved to be surprisingly difficult.

Eventually I decided on an approach

Allowed are most Pathfinder feats, some 3rd party Pathfinder feats and from 3.5 feats from Core, Malhavoc, and Green Ronin . In addition any other feats that go specifically with 3rd party classes (for example, Gun-Mage) and a few custom, other provider and "web" feats will be allowed on a case by case basis as well.

That should leave me with more than enough feats to cover anything he players may wish to do while not bogging character creation down too much.

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