Sunday, September 19, 2010

Non Retro Non Pathfinder Character: James Algernon Boothroyd Peel

Still gaming related of course. I was digging through my old files when I came across an old unplayed character of mine.

James was designed for an old Pyramid setting called Polymath Prep, basically a high school on island where all the students were super geniuses. I was quite take with the setting so I came up with an against the grain character for it.

The system used is a kind of generic "write up language" not a true rules set but it would pretty easy to convert to any system one might choose.

I'd probably use Risus, by S. John Ross (who I think authored Polymath Prep as well) but then I use it for most silly games anyway.

So without further ado ...

James Algernon Boothroyd Peel
aka Spook

James (never Jimmy) is the illegitimate love child of James Bond and Emma Peel. Instead of a normal life he was raised mostly at MI6 and MI7. He regards most of England's top spies and gadgateers as his Aunts and Uncles and the world of Super-Spies as the regular world.
This has given him a rather jaundiced view of how things work and has made him mildly paranoid and a tad prone to aggressively proactive responses.
While working together during the Malachite Crises his Mother and Dad finally agreed on something and James was sent to Polymath Prep as a "learning experience"
Needless to say Spook is not a happy camper and other than his friend Jocko (1) is probably the least happy person in the school. Still orders are orders

Q Branch Technology

Trade Craft

Liberal Arts

Understanding Civilians

Many things James has are also gadgets of some kind. None of the weapons are lethal however (Uncle Q's orders) but many of them are plain nasty.

(1) Jocko is a canon setting NPC, a polymath like the others but with an interest in sports which goes against the settings Clich├ęs

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