Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Campaign Ideas Day Five

Some Supers Themed games

I've never tried to run these as I really don't have a set of rules that works well for me. I've dabbled in Hero, GURPS 4 Supers, Mutants Masterminds and several others but none of them balance ease of use/generation and results in a way I really like. FASERIP (Classic Marvel) seems to be the closest but its just not quite right...

They say power corrupts. In the case of Metapowers its literally true. The stronger the super the madder they are. As one of the Unimanifest you have the ability to defend yourself against powers in ways that no normal human can. Can you stop the costumed crazies before you become one?

Metahuman Armed Response Squads. Its time to take down those costumed crazies so that sane people have a chance. Powered Armor vs. Supers

Ground Zero:
This is an old comic universe my best friend and I built way back in 1990.
Supers with logically powers and continuity. GURPS would work pretty well but so would Beyond Human

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