Monday, September 13, 2010

Clearing up the Cruft: Intro

My current personal project is something long overdo, clean up the 3X cruft and streamline my game world to emphasize for fun and more flavor.

Midrea was of course originally made out of bits and pieces from my various 2e games, a city here, a setting there and so on. GURPS bits and Rolemaster bits were added but until 3e, it was pretty much fantasy gumbo.

As 3x progressed, it became "the ultimate sandbox" where you can use anything and everything. This is actually how I pitched it back in 2004 WOTC contest.

The thing is, well its a poor way to make a game world. So many of the classes and races just don't fit in well, Gate-Worlds not withstanding, the feel shoehorned and forced. Yuck.

I think its time for a change...

What I am going to do is trim feats, classes, races and everything else I feel doesn't fit in well. when I done, Midrea will be mean lean gaming machine.

Not only I am going to clean house but I am going to document these changes as I go along.

I hope y'all join me and find something of interest.

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