Saturday, September 18, 2010

Artifacts #4 Shard Weapons

These weapons, not all of them blades are minor artifacts that seem to be made from the idea of a weapon given form. Who made these weapons, when, how or why they were made is unknown but there are about fifty to a hundred of them known to exist, with more of them popping up in unusual places from time to time.

The resemble attractive unornamented though very well made weapons. Most are swords or knives although there are a few of them in other forms such as maces, axes or warhammers.

Shard Weapons are essentially unbreakable, cannot be enchanted or effected by any magic and gain +1 to hit and on damage. Most impressively they penetrate all defenses save structural ones (i.e the requirement for a blunt weapon when the weapon is edged) Since these weapons are essentially unbreakable its perfectly possible to find them in some very inaccessible location such as a monsters gullet or a pool of lava. Be warned ...

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