Monday, September 13, 2010

Cleaning Up the Cruft #2 Classes

I feel inspired so y'all get a two-fer today.

The second part of my cruft patrol was much easier than I expected. I had expected to angst over the classes but I found to my pleasure, it was easier to delete them then it was to put them in the first place.
I did have a few troubles, 1st with the the pseudo "tech" classes like artificer and gun mage. After some thought I decided why not? I also was not sure about some of the "at will" classes but I decided to nix those and last, the Totem Warrior. I nearly kept that but in the end , it went away.

Psionics got a major change. All of the Psi classes except the Soul Knife which got altered a bit were removed and replaced with the excellent Psychic class from Green Ronin's Psychic's Handbook.

During this rebuild

Last as a general thing, I like non spell using classes so most of those stayed ...

Barbarian Extras
(PF) Breaker, Brutal Pugilist, Drunken Brute, Elemental Kin, Hurler, Invulnerable Rager, Mounted
Fury, Savage Barbarian, Superstitious, Totem Warrior
(UA) Hunter (drop rage for Ranger abilities as SRD) (everywhere)

(PF) Arcane Duelist, Archivist, Court Bard, Detective, Magician, Sandman, Savage Skald, Sea Singer,Street Performer,
Diplomat (as Half Elf Sub)
Gnome Bard
(H) Spell Preparation Bard (Firhom, Most Places, Human Bardic Knack is free)
(L) Bardic Colleges used

Cleric (everywhere) domains and sub-domains OK
(H/PF) Militant Cleric – loose channel and domain powers, gain full BAB, Deities favorite weapon,
may specialize
(L) Ancestral Speaker (Dwarf)
(L) Arcane Disciple (Hunzun City States)
(L) Spontaneous Domain Casting
(UA) Cloistered Cleric (everywhere)

(PF) Aquatic Druid, Arctic Druid, Blight Druid, Cave Druid, Desert Druid, Jungle Druid, Mountain
Druid, Plains Druid, Swamp Druid, Urban Druid., Bear Shaman, Eagle Shaman, Cat Shaman, Serpent
Shaman, Wolf Shaman,
(L) Environment Weapons List
(L) Organizations
(UA) Druidic Avenger
(UA) Swift Hunter
(H/L) Animal Focused: Lose Wildshape, May Share all abilities with Companion, may speak with all
Animals of type at will +3 Levels to Animal Companion
(L)_Spontaneous Rejuvenation: Drop Spontaneous Summons for Spontaneous Healing
(L) Shapeshifter

(PF) Archer, Crossbowman, Freehand Fighter, Mobile Fighter, Phalanx Soldier, Polearm Master,
Roughrider, Savage Warrior, Shielded Fighter, Two Handed Fighter, Two Weapon Warrior, Weapon
(H) Musketeer
(UA) Thug

(PF) Drunken Master, Hungry Ghost Monk, Ki Mystic, Monk of the Empty Hand, Monk of the Four
Winds, Monk of the Healing Hand, Monk of the Lotus, Monk of the Sacred Mountain, Weapon Adept,
Zen Archer
(L) Holy Monk
(L) Vigilant Monk
(L) Decisive Strike
(L) Fighting Styles
(L) Weapon Schools

(PF) Divine Defender, Hospitaler, Sacred Servant, Shining Knight, Undead Scourge, Warrior of the
Holy Light
(UA) Hunting Paladin
(L) Power of Self
(L) Angels Sight (for Divine Health)
(L) Charging Smite (for Mount)
(L) Gaze of Truth (for Detect Evil)
(L) Hunter of Fiends (for Smite Evil)
(L) Celestial Sword (for Mount)

(PF) Beast Master, Guide, Horse Lord, Infiltrator, Shapeshifter, Skirmisher, Spirit Ranger, Urban
Ranger , Extra Combat Styles
(L) Mythic Ranger
(L) Distracting Attack (for Companion)
(L) Solitary Hunting (for Companion)
(L) Moon Warded (for Combat Style)

(PF) Acrobat, Burglar, Cutpurse, Investigator, Poisoner, Rake, Scout, Sniper, Spy, Swashbuckler, Thug,Trapsmith
(L) Disruptive Attack (loose uncanny dodge)
(UA) Feat Rogue (Drop Sneak Attack for Feats)

(PFSRD) Aberrant, Abyssal, Arcane, Celestial, Destined, Draconic, Elemental, Fey, Infernal, Orc,
(PF) Aquatic Bloodline, Boreal Bloodline, Deepearth Bloodline, Dreamspun Bloodline, Protean
Bloodline, Serpentine Bloodline, Shadow Bloodline, Stormborn Bloodline, Verdant Bloodline
(UA) Battle Sorcerer

(PFSRD) Schools (A, C,D,EN, EV, ILL, NEC, TR, UNIV)
(PF) Elemental Schools and Focused Schools
(L) Arcane Reabsorption (Lose Arcane Bond)
(L) Wild Wizard (Anagakok)
(L) Hedge Wizard (as Halfling Substitution)
(L) Fildh (Lose Scribe Scroll and Bonus feats, gain Bardic Lore, Greater Divining, Must Take
Divination as prime school)
(H) War Wizard (lose 1 spell per level, scribe scroll, sub wizard feats for custom abilities gain medium BAB, D8 light armor cast)

(L) Skirmisher (aka Scout) (everywhere except Dragon Empire and 7 Nations-- save tribes)
(L) Light Cavalry (everywhere with horses especially Vi and Toulani)
(L) Sniper (everywhere, may still take 5' step, gains all Martial ranged weapons)

Swashbuckler (Pathfinder version, 9 Cities, Brin, 7 Nations)

Artificer (Pathfinder versions) (7 Nations, Dragon Kingdoms)

Gun Mage (7 Nations, Dragon Kingdoms)

Rogue-Mage (Custom)

Shaman (Green Ronin) (Beast Tribes, Toulani, Chun, Amer Tribes,)

Noble (as Green Ronin, everywhere)

Infiltrator (KoK) (Everywhere)

Witch (Aradia, Queens Domain, Ashanan, )

Warord (ToS) (?)

Sacred Fist (Kobold Quarterly 12) (Hajasa, Ro-Jin)

Phantom (Thief/Cleric) (Kobold Quarterly 12) (Hajasa, Ro-Jin)

Emissary (Thief/Cleric) (Kobold Quarterly 12) (Hajasa, Ro-Jin)

Sage (Kobold Quarterly 12) (Hajasa, Ro-Jin)

Spy (Adventuring Classes, Fistfull of Denarri, All)

Beastmaster ( Adventuring Classes, Fistfull of Denarri, )

Corbie ( Adventuring Classes, Fistfull of Denarri)

Sea Dog (Skull and Bones) (Sea Folk, Brin, 7 Nations, Dragon Empire )

Corsair (GRR Freeport) (Brin, 7 Nations, Dragon Empire, Sea Folk )

Buccaneer (Skull and Bones) (Sea Folk, Brin, 7 Nations, Dragon Empire )

Bounty Hunter ( Adventuring Classes, Fistfull of Denarri)

Arcane Archer (from its own book)

Savant (Thieves World) (Everywhere)

Assassin (Green Ronin Assasins Handbook )

Oathsworn (Arcana Unearthed, Lawbringer Theocracy)

(PF) Cavalier (PF) (Midlands, 20 Kingdoms) Orders Renamed
Knight of the Dragon (Order of the Dragon)
Knight of the Crown (Order of the Lion)
Knight of the Stone (Order of the Shield)
Knight of the Garter (Order of the Sword)
Knight of the Sword (Order of the Cockratice)
Knight of the Falcon (not available)
Knight of the Bath (not available)
Knight of the Palantir (prestige class)

Arcane Archer

Alchemist (PF) (7 Nations)

Inquisitor (PF) (Lawbringer Theocracy)

Oracle (PF) (anywhere, Ancient Ones)
Note this class does not gain the curse ability

Hexer (PF Witch Class) (Dark or Grey Elves)

Monster Hunter (GRR Freeport) (everywhere)

Yogi (Monte Cooks Best D20 ) (Hajasa, Vara)

Runeblade (Monte Cook Book of Experimental Might) (Northlands, Dwarfs)

Investigator (Crime and Punishment)

(L) Archivist (HoH)
(H) Cloistered Archivist lose all armor, gain Bardic Lore


Soul Knife

and whew, thats it....

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