Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Item: Death Breaker Sword and Mace OSR Version

These items are relics of the Unhallowed Wars, each made of well cared for steel covered with runes of preservation and warding. They are usually found on the form of a short sword or mace although other one handed weapons are possible.

They are +1 weapons with the ability to strike and undead targets even ones that are incorporeal. They do double damage against such targets.

In addition a flask of holy water can be poured into the weapon, where it will be absorbed. Any target struck by the weapon takes the effect of the holy water though there is no splash. effect

It is rumored that there are also "fouled" versions of these weapons in the form of a wicked curved sword that are +1 and do double damage against living lawful targets and can take a flask of unholy water which has effects as above on certain targets.

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