Saturday, September 18, 2010

Campaign Ideas Day Nine

Getting the post in early ...

The Thin Line
A mixture of police drama and para normal. The game follows a group friends united by exposure to the supernatural throughout their lives as together they struggle to understand and cope with the supernatural that drew them together. Played in 3 raptures the game combines modern fantasy and horror with psychological drama and cop show plot

Our Friends the Whatleys
Oh the Mythos is dangerous all right but what if the cultist were the good guys? This Cthulhu in reverse where the players have to stop misguided investigators, insane cultists and oblivion itself while trying to stay sane and avoid being eaten.

Fire Base Echo
Weird Wars Vietnam. The Horrors of war just got more horrible. I'd run it without supernatural stuff but the players would want it so.. The PC's are draftees thrust into the war. The game covers before and after all the way to the 80's. Highlights include a kick-butt soundtrack and any props I can find at the surplus store

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