Sunday, September 19, 2010

Artifacts #5 Pact Stones

Stones of the Pact

These are fairly minor artifacts created during an alliance between men and elves. Both are polished beryl with a hole drilled through them. Like most artifacts they have some will of their own and will arrange to find a new owner when the time is right. Note though that the changes made to the Stone Bearers are permanent and will last even when the stones change owner

The "Stone of Man" grants the human racial abilities without supplanting native elven abilities to any elf who wears it. This gives the wearer more versatility, mental flexibility, an ability to lie and a measure of mental stability in addition to system appropriate abilities.

The "Stone of Elven" functions the same way but grants elven racial abilities to its chosen human wearer..

Lastly on the very rare occasion that a child is had between two pact stone bearers, the half elven child has all of the abilities of an elf, a half elf and a human and is always potentially a very powerful person.

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