Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cleaning Up the Cruft #6 Prestige Class List

Here is my tentative list of Prestige classes. These include WoTC sources and of course Pathfinder ones. The five classes in a tight clump are from the Psychics Handbook by Green Ronin.

Currently Arcane Trickster, Arcane Archer the various "Fighter/Mage" and Cleric/X classes are core classes or core class variants and as such have no real place in the game. You'll also note a couple of fae like shapeshifter classes, just because.

If you folks have any additional suggestions for classes that should be in my list, let me know.They should of course either function as a kind of lens to take classes in a new direction or that blend a couple of incompatible classes together.

Ultimate Magus

Urban Soul (in some games)

Enlightened Fist

Bear Warrior

Horizon Walker

Amethyst Rose

Arcane Tempest

Mystic Theurge

Swan May

Master Chymist

Rage Mage

Rage Prophet

Dragon Disciple

Tattooed Monk


Psychic Adept
Fire Starter
Ghost Hunter
Mind Hunter
Psychic Healer

Soul Bow

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